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Our franchisees are passionate about the food, the business and the community.

The People Business

“While we sell pizza, we’re really in the people business,” says Marco’s Pizza President Tony Libardi. “I tell new franchisees all the time that, yes, you have to get the pizza right for sure. You have to create the right experience for guests, but first and foremost, you’ve got to make sure that you’re building incredible teams. Getting all of that right ultimately maximizes the return on investment for our franchisees.”

Our franchisees take that to heart, and it’s the key to growth. Many of our franchisees have started with one store and expanded into multi-unit entrepreneurship on the strength of the teams they’ve built.

“I spent 10 years running and operating one store, doing too much of it myself. I realized that wasn’t going to allow me to grow until I accepted the need to train and develop future GMs for my stores,” says multi-unit franchisee Joe Jaros. “That’s when I decided to bring on a team that I thought could do better than me alone. Once I did, we were up double-digits five years in a row. We took the store from an average store to one of the top stores in the chain. I decided that it was time to keep expanding and build an infrastructure of people.”

The qualities of a great Marco's franchisee

The ideal Marco’s Pizza franchisee is:

  • Passionate. Says CEO Jack Butorac, “I’d rather have someone who has the passion. I believe a passionate person is going to succeed.”
  • Business-minded. We can teach you the pizza business. In fact, we will teach you everything about the Marco’s methods of making pizza during six to eight weeks in a certified training store. But it helps to have a background in management, even if it’s not in the restaurant business.
  • Community-oriented. Like any successful business, Marco’s thrives when its owners are involved in their communities. Marco’s franchise owners work with their local schools, other businesses, sports teams and more. Whether it’s donating to charities, working with Little League or getting involved with churches or Scouts, there are unlimited ways to make your Marco’s franchise an integral part of the place you live in. A business that supports its community, after all, will get community support in return.
  • Team players. Marco’s owners are a tight, cohesive bunch who regularly get together at conferences and share best practices.

Got what it takes?

“We have great pizzas; our ingredients are great. We do the dough fresh. We’re cutting the green peppers, we’re cutting the onions fresh. And that’s got to be the core of why you’re getting into it, because you love the product,” says Marco’s franchisee Eric Bueter.


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