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By now, you know Marco’s is the quality leader in the industry. With our current growth trajectory, Marco’s is poised to become an even bigger pizza brand over the next two years. Hopefully, you’ve also learned that we will not sacrifice quality for any reason, because that’s what has made our stores so successful.

The next step is two-fold. Tell us more about yourself, and we will tell you more about us.

First, fill out an application and review our executive summary. This will prepare you for your first phone conversation with a Marco’s franchise representative.

One of our franchise representatives or Area Representatives will reach out to you to set up a phone conversation to explore the possibility of a match.

Steps to franchise ownership

Intro Call: Discuss background and qualifications, determine whether or not the potential exists for the candidate to become a franchisee.

First Interview: Interview determining how the candidate’s goals and objectives can be met as a franchisee by examining how their background, experience and financial ability could translate to success as a franchisee. Ownership application should be turned in during this step.

Winning Formula: Online presentation showing the highlights of the Marco’s Pizza business model.

FDD Review: Review of our Franchise Disclosure Document, which communicates the roles and responsibilities of the franchisee and franchisor. Identify and eliminate any potential contractual barriers to moving forward.

Store Visit: Introduction to a Marco’s Pizza location, the operations, the product and much more. We recommend to complete this on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Pro Forma: An opportunity for you to complete a customized pro forma to really understand the economics of the business. Information provided from the FDD’s financial performance section and from other franchisees will be used.

Franchisee Validation: Two phases – franchisee validation teleconferences and a franchise profile survey.

Operational Assessment: Assessment of the skills and abilities needed to be a successful Marco’s Pizza franchisee. This will be completed at the closest store to you by a Franchise Business Leader, Area Rep or certified Training Manager.

Discovery Day: Come to Toledo, OH, to meet the corporate officers, ask questions and make the final determination as to whether or not the candidate and Marco’s will move forward.

Final Decision: Candidate signs franchise agreement.

Our philosophy

You can count on us to shoot straight and share what it takes to win as a Marco’s franchisee without any sugarcoating. We have a detailed investigation process, which will help you determine whether or not Marco’s fits with what you are looking for.

In return, we are counting on you to shoot straight with us.

We look forward to a healthy, open and honest dialogue.

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To get started on the path to business ownership with a Marco’s Pizza franchise, download our free franchise report by filling out the form below. You can also get in touch with a franchise development representative by calling the number below.