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What do our current franchisees think about our pizza franchise?

“I need to take pride in what I do. Handing the product across the counter, it’s something I’m putting my name behind. When you look at other pizza franchises, not that they’re horrible, they just don’t have the quality. That’s what attracted me to Marco’s —the quality.”

— Stuart Field, former Little Caesars management and
current Area Representative and store owner, Franklin, TN.

“With the previous chain I was with, site selection was, ‘I like this spot,’ they said, ‘OK,’ and you took it. With Marco’s, it’s totally the opposite … We do everything we can to try to find the right locations … One of the best things with Marco’s when it comes to the growth opportunity is really availability. Marco’s is growing like a rocket … Some of the other chains, there’s no growth left. Once they get known, once they start doing well, people gobble up everything and there’s just nothing left … With Marco’s there’s a lot of availability, there’s a lot of growth potential and there are still a lot of exclusive areas.”

— Glenn Ajmo, Area Representative and multi-unit owner in Florida

“The training is one of the most important things we do for a new franchisee. If things are off a little bit, you can’t go store to store and you can’t make sure everything is done perfectly every time … I think that’s why it’s simple to bring someone with a little bit of experience or a lot of experience into the pizza business, because we have good processes in place that get someone to make our product the exact same way every single time, which is the most important thing.”

— Nick Costanzo, Colorado

“The hardest part of the business, which is great product — it’s done, it’s easy. They have a great recipe. The hard part — the service, the image — I was already good at that … It was just a simple decision.”

— Tim Brown, multi-unit owner, Alabama

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