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Why ‘The Italian Way’ is better

Posted Aug 21st, 2018

Our revamped branding is helping drive sales for franchisees by focusing in on quality at our authentic Italian pizza franchise

When we decided to revamp our branding, it was easy to know what to focus on. We have an excellent story to tell, thanks to our status as the only authentically Italian pizza franchise of the top 10 pizza chains in the U.S. That’s not just a fun fact – the quality and attention to detail that comes from being founded by a native Italian has been the key to achieving 40 years of growth and success.
A graphic with a background of a hand lifting a slice from a pepperoni-and-mushroom pizza; a pepperoni-and-sausage pizza is visible in the background. A text overlay reads “Every Store. Every Day. The Italian Way. Hello Primo℠”

Setting ourselves apart

Our founder, Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco, grew up in Sulmona, Italy, before moving to America with his family. His family was in the restaurant business, so it was a natural fit for Giammarco to open the first Marco’s Pizza in Toledo, OH, in 1978, bringing his community a pizza place with an authentic Italian touch and unmatched quality.

“I didn’t have any marketing-type skills, but I had an idea. I knew as long as there were people there, they would eat Marco’s Pizza,” says Giammarco. “We opened up and fortunately, it did as good as I thought it would. They just loved Marco’s Pizza. They would come from 20 miles away.”

Four decades later, we’ve made a lot of changes to things like our operations and marketing, but  our Italian roots still come through in everything we do. We still use the original Giammarco sauce recipe in every one of our restaurants. Our dough and sauce are made fresh in stores every day, and our proprietary three-cheese blend is never frozen. We pay as much attention to quality as they do in the Old World, because that gives franchisees a competitive edge in the pizza industry.

Living our legacy every day

Not only is our founder’s influence apparent in the way we live out The Italian Way, he still owns several Marco’s Pizza franchises of his own.

“I’ve always had a passion for quality and making sure that the details are there,” says Giammarco. “Our goal is to always be the number one pizza company in every market that we’re in.”

His passion and dedication are shared by every one of the owners of more than 900 Marco’s Pizza locations in 35 states and three other countries. And 40 years after Giammarco first opened his doors, there’s never been a better time to get into the business.

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