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Employee engagement, training and opportunity are key parts of our growth strategy

There are more ingredients to building a great pizza franchise opportunity than just what goes on the pizzas themselves. That’s why Marco’s Pizza® has always been committed to building a great culture centered around creating opportunities for all of our people. We know building a highly motivated, talented team is the most important thing franchise owners can do to thrive, and we offer the infrastructure and support to help.

A Marco’s Pizza franchise employee smiles for the camera while standing next to fresh pizza dough in the prep area of the restaurant.
Developing your people is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. Marco’s Pizza can help you do that.

“As a restaurant company, we move fast. But we recognize that the secret to being an outstanding organization is taking the time to find and develop the value in each individual,” says Marco’s Pizza President Tony Libardi.

Marco’s Pizza is in the people business

We want to make sure everyone has the best experience possible with Marco’s Pizza, whether they’re a customer, an owner or an employee at a franchise.

“Our number one cultural belief is really focusing on the value of people,” Libardi says. “Our goal is to have highly satisfied franchisees and highly satisfied employees across the entire portfolio of the organization. That means creating opportunities for all the individuals associated with our brand – such as team members having the opportunity to become managers, managers having the opportunity to become franchisees and franchisees having the opportunity to become multi-unit franchisees.”

When people are given the chance to grow, they can flourish and produce better results.

That’s been the case for multi-unit franchise owner Joe Jaros. By developing a trusted team and helping his managers become his business partners, he’s been able to grow his franchise operation across multiple states.

“I spent 10 years running and operating one store, doing too much of it myself. I realized that wasn’t going to allow me to grow until I accepted the need to train and develop future GMs for my stores,” he says. “That’s when I decided to bring on a team that I thought could do better than me alone. Once I did, we were up double-digits five years in a row. We took the store from an average store to one of the top stores in the chain. I decided that it was time to keep expanding and build an infrastructure of people.”

A candid photo of a smiling Marco’s Pizza franchise employee slicing a pizza on a wooden table in the prep area of the restaurant.
Developing the right team can help you grow.

The right team produces the right results

It’s easy to set a goal, but it takes support and resources to achieve it. Marco’s Pizza has a robust e-learning system, Marco’s University, for both franchise owners and their employees, with an easy-to-use online portal that can be accessed at any time. We’ve also partnered with Market Force to create a new employee engagement program with reporting, communications and feedback tools from the enterprise level through to the employee level.

“Our franchise owners are spending time with their teams, hiring the right people, training them right and creating career opportunities for them,” says Libardi. “When you develop those highly satisfied, highly engaged employees, then you really start producing the right experience for your guests.”

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If you’re dreaming of owning a pizza franchise, or even several at once, Marco’s may be the perfect place for you to thrive.

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