How Marco’s Pizza® stands out from the fast-casual pizza franchises

We offer guests the best of both worlds, making for a better business opportunity for Marco’s Pizza franchise owners

If you’re considering entering the pizza business, you might be wondering which is the better opportunity for you: a traditional delivery franchise, or one of the new fast-casual pizza franchises. With Marco’s Pizza, you and your guests can get the best of both worlds.

A view of a sleek, redesigned Marco’s Pizza dining room and ordering counter.

A fresh look and feel give guests a relaxing destination and help Marco’s Pizza owners stand out when compared to the fast-casual pizza franchises.

Our competitive streak helps us keep things fresh

Renewed competition is driving innovation and sales throughout the industry. As QSR Magazine writes, “Welcome to the pizza wars, where brands big and small, quick-service and fast-casual alike face two choices: pick up the pace and earn relevancy through definitive, clear marketplace differentiation or step aside.”

It’s a challenge we’ve gladly accepted. We’ve been serving our authentic Italian pizza for 40 years, but we’re also not afraid to innovate and push ourselves to better serve both guests and franchisees. When we saw the emergence of fast-casual pizza franchises focused on the dine-in lunch crowd, we didn’t see a threat, we saw another opportunity to do what we do best: push ourselves to the next level.

We’ve redesigned our stores to elevate the dine-in experience, with a modern yet relaxing look and feel. Meanwhile, we keep in touch with our roots by offering the same fresh, delicious pizzas that have gotten us to where we are today.

And it’s working. Fast-casual pizza franchises may be the hot new topic, but Marco’s Pizza is the fastest-growing pizza franchise in the U.S., with 111 locations opened in 2017 alone. And our growth doesn’t just mean new stores; it means faster sales growth than any other pizza franchise for two years running, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

A photo of the booths in a Marco’s Pizza dining room; on the wall are pictures of people rolling dough and spreading cheese, with the phrases “Three fresh cheeses melt into one amazing taste” and “Freeze your gelato, not your dough.”

Marco’s Pizza blends the old world with the modern.

More options mean more opportunities

We already know how much guests love Marco’s Pizza, so it just makes sense to give them more options when they want a slice. Whether guests are looking for the perfect spot for a midday meeting or a crowd-pleaser for family dinners, they can find it at their local Marco’s Pizza. That means our franchisees have a better opportunity to increase sales by conquering both the lunch and dinner dayparts.

Delivery also opens up more revenue streams through the ability to serve larger occasions, since it’s a great choice for parties, networking events, fundraisers and more. And with Marco’s, you have access to our hands-on local marketing experts who will help you take advantage of those opportunities. They can teach you how to reach out and develop long-term business relationships with the people and organizations in your community.

A Marco’s Pizza franchise employee slices a pizza covered in pepperoni and sausage on a wooden prep table.

No matter where they get it, in our restaurants or delivered hot and fresh at home, our delicious, authentic pizza is what brings guests to Marco’s franchises.

And as guests’ lives get busier, delivery remains crucial to any pizza franchise opportunity. In fact, delivery is such a key revenue driver for the pizza industry that the fast-casuals are now scrambling to implement it themselves.

“Fast casuals, largely formed without delivery top of mind, are entering the to-your-doorstep game, too,” according to the QSR article.

Many of the younger brands use third-party delivery services that add more costs to the consumer and remove quality control from the franchise owners. Our experience with delivery means we know how to help franchisees keep it quick, cost-effective and consistent with the high-quality experience guests expect from us.

We know our growth only matters if our franchisees grow, too, so from training to marketing to operations, we do everything in our power to make Marco’s the right choice for franchise owners.

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Download our franchise report for in-depth details about how we stand out from both the fast-casual pizza franchises and our traditional delivery competition. You can also learn more by exploring our research pages, our franchise referral program or our recent feature articles.