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Working Mother magazine highlights Ashley Jones, who started making pizzas at 15 before becoming one of our most successful franchisees

One of the ways that Marco’s Pizza has fueled surging growth is by developing a strong pipeline of dedicated and talented individuals at every level of our franchise system. Franchise employees feel empowered, and that leads to better guest service, well-run operations in the stores and greater financial rewards for our franchisees.

Multi-unit franchisee Ashley Jones is a shining example of this philosophy. Since her first job as a teenager at a Marco’s Pizza franchise, she has worked hard and forged her own path. Her passion and drive have made her one of our most successful franchisees, as well as a brand ambassador, area representative and district manager.

Marco’s Pizza franchisee Ashley Jones stands in front of the counter at one of her restaurants, with a stack of three pizza boxes on the counter next to her.
Multi-unit franchisee Ashley Jones works hard and wears a lot of hats. Her love for what she does has made her one of our most successful young franchisees.

How an ambitious teenager became one of our most successful franchisees

Ashley Jones began laying the groundwork for her future success from the moment she started her first job at Marco’s Pizza. She was always thinking ahead to the next stage of her career, while working hard to make sure she was prepared to take each step.

“I ended up with so many jobs because I let my employers at Marco’s Pizza know I was interested in management before I was old enough to fill those roles,” she says in a recent article in Working Mother magazine. “So the day I turned 18, I was promoted to shift manager, and from there, I expressed interest in continuing to move up.

“I asked about becoming a district manager. They told me they typically don’t make people DMs at my age, but I said, ‘If you give me a chance, you won’t regret it.’ They had their reservations, but six months later they promoted me to general manager. I was only 19 at the time—one of the youngest general managers, if not the youngest, in the entire company.”

Franchisee Ashley Jones poses as she pulls a fresh pizza out of the oven in one of her restaurants.
Ashley Jones proved herself in every role she took on, and she always kept her next steps in mind.

Marco’s Pizza franchises create opportunities for success

Many of our franchisees started out working in the stores themselves, just like Jones. Our company believes in developing the talented individuals making the pizzas, handling the deliveries and manning the registers, helping them grow into managerial and ownership roles.

That’s important to our franchisees, because it ensures that operations in each of their stores run more smoothly. Our franchisees help create a pathway for their employees to learn, grow and progress in their careers. That makes them more connected to their roles in the store, and more passionate about the quality of food and service they provide to their guests.

And that’s what our success comes back to: quality. The quality of our food and service have built up our fanbase, enabling us to grow rapidly and compete against bigger brands. Best of all, we still have room to grow for new franchisees, while many other brands have saturated their territories. We’ve grown into a formidable player in our own right, and it’s all thanks to the people behind our pizzas.

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