A well-run restaurant supply chain means a better deal for franchisees

Our efficient restaurant supply chain combines tech, scale and vendor relationships to help you keep costs down and grow the business

At Marco’s Pizza®, we’re proud of our increasing sales and number of new locations; we’re one of the fastest-growing restaurant franchises, with six years of positive same-store sales growth and more than 500 new locations opened since 2012. But we’re not just focused on growth for its own sake. With our restaurant supply chain, vendor partnerships and cost-predicting technology, we work hard so that every aspect of our business helps make Marco’s Pizza a great pizza industry investment opportunity for our franchisees.

The outside of a Marco’s Pizza location with a patio and two cars parked outside.

Thanks to our restaurant supply chain, lower, more predictable food costs combine with growing sales to make Marco’s Pizza a scalable franchise investment.

Unique ingredients pay off

Our use of unique, high-quality ingredients means that we’ve been able to develop strong relationships with our suppliers. Those ingredients are also an essential part of our value to our guests. We use an exclusive variety of hybrid tomato for our sauce; higher-protein Minnesota spring wheat for our fresh, never-frozen dough; a secret blend of Wisconsin and Iowa cheeses; and premium, thick-cut meats. We put quality first to attract guests, but our strong vendor relationships also help us keep costs down.

Our focus on a great-tasting pizza pays off even more in stores. Guests are more than willing to pay a few dollars more than they might at another chain because of the noticeable increase in quality. We know they like our pizza more, because they tell us so. In fact, in one market survey we were recently named America’s favorite pizza chain.

How we keep costs down

Our scale means we’ve been able to build an efficient supply chain for those quality ingredients. We have more than 800 Marco’s Pizza locations in more than 30 states. We’re at a size that gives us an advantage when purchasing and shipping ingredients and other materials, while still having plenty of room for franchisees to grow in prime locations in attractive markets.

Bins in a prep area containing high-quality vegetables, meats and cheeses sourced from our restaurant supply chain.

We use technology developed with the American Restaurant Association to better predict future food prices.

Size matters for a restaurant supply chain, but it’s not the only way we help our franchisees control costs. We’re also constantly working on technology and partnerships, like our recent food-cost forecasting tool developed with the American Restaurant Association. The tool allows us to predict food prices further out and with greater accuracy than ever before.

“With this tool, we are able to forecast food costs in a way that no one else in the industry has been able to up to this point,” says Don Vlcek, Vice President of Marco’s Pizza. “It’s a game-changer for our brand and will revolutionize the way our industry operates.”

That not only helps us to keep costs down, it makes those costs more predictable for our franchisees. We can even use the data to plan better marketing promotions that provide great value to our guests at a better price for franchisees. That all leads to a more scalable business model for franchisees, as they increase both sales and their number of locations.

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