Marco’s Pizza® fans build our brand, one mouthful at a time

Satisfied guests share pizza and praise with friends and family, helping you grow your pizza business with word-of-mouth and social media

Marketing is crucial for any business for creating awareness and bringing guests in the door, but in a crowded industry like the pizza business, sometimes it takes a little more. At Marco’s Pizza, we’ve found that one of the best ways to earn more business is to simply create a pizza that tastes so great, people are more than happy to help us spread the word and share our food with others, creating more loyal guests for your local store.

A smiling Marco’s Pizza franchisee displays a fresh pepperoni and sausage pizza to a guest at the counter.

Great food brings in loyal fans of the brand, who help grow your pizza business by sharing and recommending Marco’s Pizza.

A food made for sharing

Nothing lends itself to gatherings of friends and family quite like pizza. From its roots in Italy to homes across America today, pizza has always been shared for a big family meal, a party or a gathering for the big game.

That’s its own form of marketing for your Marco’s Pizza franchise. Even if someone has never heard of our brand, as we grow across the country they’re likely to encounter us at a friend’s or neighbor’s house, and there’s no better marketing than personal experience. Once they have our pizza in their mouth, they fall in love and become regular guests, increasing the value of our pizza franchise opportunities.

And once those guests become regulars, they share the pizza with more friends and family, increasing brand awareness with every mouthful. People are loyal to their favorite pizza places and visit or order often, so you can count on those guests to help you grow your pizza business.

Two smiling guests enjoy cheese pizza outside a Marco’s Pizza located in a university food court.

Guests enjoy sharing their love for Marco’s Pizza with friends and family. Their recommendations spread even farther through online review sites and social media.

Brand fans spread the love

People frequently share their love for a great pizza, especially online through social media and review sites. Our corporate marketing and your own local store marketing help create awareness and bring in new fans, and the authenticity of actual reviews reinforces our own messaging for curious and hungry potential guests.

“The pizza was amazing! And we are from NY so that says a lot,” writes Meghan B. on the Franklin, TN, location’s Facebook page. “First time we’ve tried it and we won’t get pizza anywhere else now! Definitely telling all my friends.”

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