Innovative processes keep our pizza business fresh

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A focus on great taste for guests and consistent costs for franchisees make Marco’s Pizza® a great choice for pizza business investors

Old-world flavor and new-school technology come together with the Marco’s Pizza franchise opportunity, working in tandem to offer an excellent product to guests and an excellent pizza business for our franchisees.

A hand uses a ladle to spread Marco’s Pizza sauce on fresh dough. A bowl of sauce sits out of focus in the background.
We work hard on our systems and our relationships with suppliers to help make sure we get the right mix of higher quality and lower cost in our supply chain.

Traditional food but an innovative business

Marco’s Pizza got started with a focus on tradition, but innovation is a core part of our business. One example is with the food itself; our sauce originally used a blend of three varieties of tomato. Now, we use a hybrid tomato, grown exclusively for Marco’s Pizza, that combines all of the best qualities of the other three.

Innovation behind the scenes can be just as crucial, so we partnered with the American Restaurant Association on a new tool to more accurately forecast food costs, further out than we ever could before. That benefits franchisees by making the business more predictable and helping them to plan around price fluctuations. It can even help us plan marketing and promotions around commodity prices, so that a great deal for guests will still be a great deal for franchisees.

A fresh Marco’s Pizza, topped with sausage and pepperoni, comes out of the conveyor oven.
Innovative processes are key to giving our franchisees an advantage in the competitive pizza business.

“With this tool, we are able to forecast store food costs in a way that no one else in the industry has been able to up to this point,” said Don Vlcek Vice President of Marco’s Pizza. “It’s a game-changer for our brand and will revolutionize the way our industry operates. The ability to provide our stores with notice well in advance of when they should market certain food items, and the price points at which they should market them, gives us a competitive advantage while still offering customers periodic special deals on the products that they love.”

More predictable costs make for a more stable business

Through both innovative technology like the food cost forecaster and old-fashioned hard work negotiating the best deals with our suppliers, we help make sure a Marco’s Pizza franchise is a solid business decision for owners. We have well-established relationships with our suppliers, and we make sure to find the right intersection of quality and price for our ingredients.

We have systems in place to keep the taste consistent across every Marco’s Pizza store, and those same systems keep costs consistent, as well. That’s one of the great advantages of joining a well-run franchise like Marco’s Pizza; our scale and efficiencies make our pizza franchise opportunities a better deal for you.

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