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Yelp users’ high ratings of Marco’s show why the restaurant is one of the best pizza franchise opportunities

Marco's pizzaAs the Marco’s Pizza® brand spreads throughout the United States, more customers are discovering why Marco’s is at the top of the better pizza category.

Marco’s Pizza, the fastest-growing pizza franchise in the country, prides itself in making the best delivery pizza money can buy. We offer real value to our customers through the power of purchasing in large quantities. For $20-$30, you can feed a family of four fresh, delicious Marco’s Pizza.

That pizza is handmade in the Italian tradition, using fresh, never-frozen cheeses, dough made in stores daily, and only premium meats and vegetables. Founded in Toledo in 1978, Marco’s is the only Top 20 pizza chain founded by a native Italian. Marco’s has enjoyed stunning growth in recent years and is on pace to have 1,000 restaurants open by the end of 2016.

Read the customer reviews to see why we’re one of the best pizza franchise opportunities.

Good pizza in good time

I ordered from here yesterday, but thought I’d wait until today to write my review to see if there was a huge difference the next day. The girl who took my order was friendly. She quoted me 20 minutes. When I came back 15 minutes later my pizza was ready. So good job to her on having a good idea on times. Most places don’t, and I appreciate an honest time.

Marco’s Pizza franchise opened its 500th location in 2014, and there are hundreds more stores in development.

I ordered a small cheese pizza with cheese sticks. Today my pizza is not flat or soggy, and the flavor is still there. I heated up my cheese sticks in the microwave, and they taste fine. I think I got a good price and will be going back the next time I want pizza.

Elizabeth B.

We’ll only go to Marco’s Pizza

This pizza is amazing! The crust is very good, especially with the crust toppers. They load it with toppings, also. We have also had the subs, and they are also delicious!  We won’t order from anywhere else now!

Courtney A.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Marco’s goes beyond good service

This place has amazing pizza, and the service is as amazing. I have never had a bad experience with this place, and the deals they have all the time make ordering from any other pizza place seem pointless. They have always been on time with delivery. I can recall one time when they were maybe 15 minutes late, but they did call and let me know that they’d be late and gave me a free two-liter Dr Pepper. I’m not a big soda drinker, but it’s nice to know that they try and make up for being late even though I wasn’t even upset. I even couldn’t find my wallet to pay the guy one time, and he still gave me the pizza and told me to call and pay with a credit card or bring the cash when I could. I never got the driver’s name, but he was super friendly and very understanding. I couldn’t be more thankful for the great service this place provides for their customers. I have never ordered pizza from any other place since Marco’s opened and will continue to do so.

William R.
Tomball, Texas

Tasty Delivery Pizza from Marco's

Marco’s is tasty and affordable

Marco’s Pizza sent us a coupon in the mail, and my husband and I are broke. We didn’t want to cook, so we decided to give them a shot. I am very glad we did.

Their pizza is very reasonably priced, and it tastes wonderful!  It is the best pizza I’ve had in a really long time. Their cheese tastes so much fresher and has better flavor than the other places we have been going. The sausage they put on the pizza has a wonderful flavor and is the size of mini meatballs. The picture that’s posted on their website is 100% accurate, which is very refreshing by the way.

The manager was very nice when we placed the order — we had a lot of questions — and when we picked the order up.

We will definitely be making this our go-to place when we want some pizza pie! Five stars all the way!

Sarah P.
Columbus, Ohio

Marco’s pizza crust is the best from coast to coast

Marco’s gave me a wonderful pizza. It has authentic Italian-style toppings and sauce and American-style pizzas. It’s the best pizza crust I’ve ever found anywhere, and I’ve lived on both coasts as well as the Midwest. Their great thin-crust pizza doesn’t take long to prepare, either, with a blazing-hot coal-fired oven.

Dennis L.

Marco’s Pizza cares about customer satisfaction

This is my pizza of choice for my area. Whenever I want quick, convenient, and good quality pizza, this is where I order. The pizza is always flavorful and cooked to perfection. They also like showing your pizza to you before you buy it and ask you if it looks satisfactory. It’s apparent that these people care about what they’re doing.

John W.
Belleville, Illinois

No need to drive a long distance for Marco’s anymore

Finally, Marco’s comes to Sandy Springs! This is our absolute favorite pizza place! We used to drive all the way to Alpharetta (Georgia) to grab a great deal on a pickup pizza. This is so much closer, which is wonderful.

The staff at this location is wonderful. They are speedy and thorough. Our orders are always right. They make sure we have all the Parmesan, peppers, and garlic-butter dip we need when we pick it up.

The pizzas are really the focus of why we go to Marco’s. Their cheese is probably the best I have had in this caliber of pizza delivery and carryout joints. It has a buttery nuttiness to it that complements their sauce. Their sauce is perfectly seasoned, as well, not too sweet like Papa John’s and not too salty either. The dough is always cooked great, and the taste is wonderful.

They always have a great deal for carryout large and extra-large pizzas. Also check their Facebook for even more deals!

Now you have the ability to add garlic butter, Parmesan and other toppings to the crust of your pizza for free. I highly recommend it. It tastes great! This is our go-to pizza place, and we absolutely love it. It’s number one!

Kate S.
Atlanta, Georgia

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