Why the Authentically Italian Marco’s Pizza ® is Really the Most American Food

It’s a great time to own a Marco’s Pizza ® franchise because Americans are turning to takeout food more than ever

On a typical weeknight when both spouses are too tired to cook, takeout is frequently the default dinner option. More than half of Americans — 51% — say they order takeout at least once a week, according to food industry analyst Technomic. And of those, 80% choose pizza.

Those two stats are part of a string of insights that help explain the success of the 36-year-old Marco’s Pizza ® brand, which is the fastest-growing pizza franchise in the country. Marco’s business model is a perfect match for dining trends.

According to Technomic’s Takeout & Off-Premises Dining Consumer Report, 68% of consumers say it is “most important for takeout and dine-in food to taste the same.” Factors include freshness, temperature and portion size. That’s one of the key reasons we stay so focused on creating the perfect pie every time. We know our customers expect a Marco’s pizza to taste as hot and fresh when they open the box at home as when a steaming hot pizza pie is delivered to a Marco’s dining room table. Delivery and takeout drive revenue for Marco’s franchise owners, and our commitment to quality is a big reason why. Marco’s hired MRSI, the Procter & Gamble Test Kitchen, to conduct a four-month focus group study. The overwhelming majority of testers who tried our pizza — 72% — said they’d buy from Marco’s again. Only half that number — 36% — said they would buy pizzas from the other delivery franchises that were tested.

Marco's Pizza ® franchise gets TV attention for updated menus.

Marco’s Pizza ® franchise gets TV attention for updated menus.

Over the years, we have developed systems to ensure that every pizza we make has exactly the perfect amount of sauce and consistent servings of toppings and cheese. We train our franchise owners to understand exactly how to spot the perfect pie — and how to quickly fix it if it’s less than perfect. We bake test pizzas in our stores every day just to be certain we’re always delivering a consistent product.

There’s more good news for Marco’s Pizza ® franchise owners in the Technomic report.

Another 48% of survey respondents are looking for something quick, and Marco’s is ready once again. The average pie is ready in 17 minutes, thanks to perfectly calibrated ovens that have been tested for proper bake times, along with a system of preparing pizzas on an efficient assembly line.

Most of the respondents also relied heavily on call-in service, with 61% saying they call ahead if that service is available. Marco’s Pizza ® stores take orders both online and over the phone.

We’ll throw one more statistic your way: 91% of people eat pizza at least once a month.

That’s just how Americans are eating these days. Marco’s Pizza ® is the only major national pizza franchise founded by a native Italian, and our pies are made in the tradition of Italian artisan pizza, using a sauce based on an old Italian family recipe and paying special attention to quality ingredients. It’s easy to see why our pizza is really the ultimate American food.

Marco’s has stayed ahead of the curve on this trend, and that’s why we’re the fastest-growing pizza franchise in the country today. We have more than 500 stores in the U.S., and we have another 1,000 stores in development. Would you like to learn more about becoming a part of our growing brand?

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