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Marco’s Pizza ® Franchise in Miami pays attention to ingredients, fresh-baked dough and making the perfect pizza

See those veggies? They were sliced fresh in-store before they topped the pie. Marco's Pizza ® Franchise in Miami makes perfect sense because ours is a pizza that any foodie would love.
See those veggies? They were sliced fresh in-store before they topped the pie. Marco’s Pizza ® Franchise in Miami makes perfect sense because ours is a pizza that any foodie would love.

Foodies know the difference between authentic, freshly prepared food and what many pizza chains are selling these days. You just can’t fake good food in a foodie town, which is why Marco’s Pizza ® franchise in Miami is doing so well.

So why are we such a great fit for a foodie town like Miami? It’s because we’re a different type of pizza restaurant. One that puts a premium on freshness and quality, instead of the latest marketing gimmick. One that actually offers a full menu, pleasing groups and picky eaters alike. One that’s poised for huge growth in the Miami market.
A focus on quality

One way we always stand out is our insistence on fresh food made from quality ingredients. Marco’s dough is made fresh in the stores each day, using flour made from a high-protein spring wheat grown in Minnesota. Not only does this special flour produce a higher quality dough, all Marco’s employees and owners are trained on the precise method for making the perfect dough.

With recipes and techniques developed over decades in the business, Marco’s has a consistent, high-quality product that keeps customers coming back.

And when it comes to pizza sauce — the crucial element of any truly gourmet pizza — we’ve taken the time to create the very best. In fact, our sauce is made from a hybrid tomato specially developed for Marco’s. This proprietary tomato is a blend of our three favorite varieties, tomatoes known to produce the perfect taste and texture for pizza sauce.

At Marco’s, fresh is the name of the game. While other pizza chains may use frozen cheeses and pre-chopped toppings, you’ll never see us use anything but the freshest ingredients in our stores. Our cheese is never frozen, and we slice our veggies in-house every day.

We also use premium, thick-cut meats from top quality suppliers, including two types of pepperoni and meatball-sized sweet Italian sausage.

In a foodie town like Miami, customers have a certain expectation of quality in the restaurants they choose. The only pizza franchise in the country founded by a native Italian, Marco’s exceeds customer expectations time and again (just check out what social media is saying to see for yourself).

Something for everyone

Another reason Marco’s is such a great fit for a foodie town like Miami is the fact that we’re not just pizza. Our menu also features a wide variety of non-pizza items, including fresh-baked subs, wings, salads, CheezyBread and Cinna Squares for dessert.

And to make sure every one of our dishes has the “Wow!” factor, we focus just as much attention on the quality of our non-pizza items as we do on our famous pizzas.

Like our wildly popular CheezyBread, made from the same special dough we use for pizzas. Or our subs, which feature the same fresh ingredients you see on our pizzas and are baked to perfection in our pizza oven. Or even our salads, made fresh daily with a blend of iceberg and romaine, topped with house-made croutons and premium Marzetti dressing. Many Marco’s franchises even offer draft beer, making it a place even parents can enjoy.

Aneesh Patel
Aneesh Patel

Open your own Marco’s Pizza ® franchise in Miami

Miami is passionate about food, so it’s no surprise that Marco’s has been met with lots of excitement there. Our focus on quality and our impressive menu make us stand out among other area pizza chains, a huge factor behind the expansion of our franchises in South Florida.

Consider that 91% of people eat pizza at least once a month, and that South Florida is one of the most densely populated areas in the state. With pizza quickly becoming one of Miami’s go-to convenience foods, this high-density market has lots of growth potential. That means a huge opportunity for franchise owners looking to make a solid return on their investment.

“QSR” magazine rates Miami one of the best markets for quick-service restaurants. Add this to the fact that Marco’s is the fastest-growing pizza franchise in the nation, and there’s no question Miami residents can expect to see a lot more of Marco’s in the future.

We’re looking to add more than 30 locations in the South Florida area. We’re especially interested in high-traffic areas with lots of families, college students and tourists, ideal locations for franchise investors looking for big profit potential.

The Marco’s investment is typically about $350,000. We’re looking for people who have a net worth of $150,000 and a minimum liquidity of $100,000. No restaurant experience is required, but we do want someone with a passion for people and a head for business.

If you’re looking to invest in a franchise with proven systems and lots of growth potential, Marco’s could be the perfect opportunity for you. Please fill out the form or contact Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Area Developer Aneesh Patel at 386-383-0380
aneeshpatel@hotmail.com to start a conversation. He’d love to hear from you!


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