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Trends toward fresh ingredients help drive revenue growth for Marco’s Pizza ® Franchise

Every perfect pizza at Marco’s Pizza ® Franchise starts with dough made from Minnesota-grown spring wheat.
Every perfect pizza at Marco’s Pizza ® Franchise starts with dough made from Minnesota-grown spring wheat.

For all the talk about gluten these days, we at Marco’s Pizza ® franchise promise to never abandon it. We go out of our way to make sure our dough, made fresh in stores daily, has a higher gluten content than most, using only Minnesota-grown spring wheat.


The wheat has a much higher protein content, which creates gluten — and gluten does amazing things for pizza crust. Its elasticity increases the volume of the crust by creating pockets that trap carbon dioxide, fluffing it up. It also helps strengthen the dough, allowing it to better retain its shape and provide a stable base for all those delicious Marco’s toppings, while making it softer at the same time. What you end up with is a fresh, handmade pizza crust that is crisp on the outside with a slight chewiness to it — the sort of pizza nirvana people often seek but don’t always find. (Of course, we at Marco’s are also sensitive to the growing number of people who don’t want or can’t have gluten in their diets. Gluten-free crust is increasingly available at Marco’s locations as the demand grows.)

The superiority of our crust is one of the first things customers point to when talking about why they love Marco’s better than other brands. This isn’t just wishful thinking on our part; we have a study to back up that claim: Procter & Gamble Test Kitchen, MRSI, conducted a four-month study on what people really preferred in pizza. In the focus groups tested, 72% of the people who tried Marco’s pizza said they would purchase it again — more than twice as many who said they would buy pizza from the other delivery franchises the kitchen tested.

Focusing on the perfect crust is the first step in perfecting every pizza that comes out of a Marco’s Pizza ® franchise kitchen. And while other national pizza brands are starting to jump on the fresh-dough bandwagon, we’ve always done it this way. Just as we’ve always used 100% real cheese that’s always fresh, never frozen, and we’ve always used the best possible meats and vegetables. Even our sauce has been perfected, right down to the choice of tomato. It’s made from a tomato grown especially for Marco’s, a hybrid of three tomatoes that each provides something different to the sauce.

Freshly kneaded dough balls are covered in plastic wrap and placed on racks for proofing.
Freshly kneaded dough balls are covered in plastic wrap and placed on racks for proofing.

We do all of this while keeping costs down for franchisees by using our bulk purchasing power. That’s part of the reason we were able to expand the Marco’s Pizza ® franchise by 33% last year with the addition of 109 stores.

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We are excited about our rapid growth, and there’s never been a better time for the new or experienced investor to join a proven concept. At Marco’s, we’re on the cusp of a huge growth trend, and that means the savvy entrepreneur can still get in on the ground floor. We have 400-plus units across the United States, and we plan to hit the 500-store mark by mid-2014. We have another 1,000 stores in development.

If you’d like to join our dynamic and growing company, fill out the form at right or give us a call at 1-800-262-7267 to start a conversation — and go ahead and check out our Facebook page and Twitter (@MarcosPizzacorp) while you’re at it!



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