Marco’s Pizza ® Franchise Is a Place You’d Be Proud to Take Your Family

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Dedication to quality, consistency, integrity draws families to Marco’s Pizza ® franchise

Hand tossing fresh dough at Marco's Pizza ®
Hand tossing fresh dough at Marco’s Pizza ®

You may have heard the adage: Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. One of the things that makes Marco’s Pizza ® franchise special is that Marco’s actually passes the grandma test.

Every one of our authentic Italian artisan pizzas has been crafted by hand and made from real ingredients you or Grandma can buy in the grocery store. Let’s break it down:

The crust is the basis of every good pizza. We train our new franchisees in a real Marco’s on how to make the dough fresh by hand every day. Your kids, spouse, mother or grandmother might eat that pre-frozen crust others use, but we’re willing to bet they’d prefer ours.

Next, our sauce. Grandma has never tasted sauce like this before. We use natural farming methods to breed a new tomato that encompasses the qualities of the three best tomatoes we used in our original sauce — sweetness, color and texture. When combined with the special spice packet added in the stores, the hybrid tomato created for Marco’s gives the sauce a depth of flavor you won’t find elsewhere.

Then there’s our cheese. It is 100% real cheese, not some bizarre lab-created amalgam that requires a name like “cheese product” or “cheese food”  — instead of being made from milk, they sometimes include vegetable oil, dry milk, whey solids or fast-acting enzymes — or even, as some pizza chains have used, a concoction known as “cheese for pizza” that can’t legally be called just “cheese.” Our proprietary three-cheese blend is one of the things that makes our pizzas so satisfying, and while we don’t reveal the exact mix of cheeses we use for competitive reasons, our franchisees can tell you that, yes, it’s the real thing.

The same attention to quality, detail and freshness applies to all our toppings. That integrity is part of Marco’s corporate culture, and it’s part of what attracts franchisees to our organization. As a Marco’s Pizza ® franchise owner, you’ll be creating food every day that is far and away better than what your competitors are serving. More important, it’s something you’ll be proud of.

Just as we’re looking for only the best franchisees as we expand the brand nationwide — we’ve got more than 350 Marco’s stores and can offer exclusive territories to the right candidates — you should be satisfied only with a company that meets your standards. You want pizza you’d be proud to serve to your family.

Find out more about the integrity behind the Marco’s brand and about how you can benefit as a Marco’s franchise owner. Call us at 1-800-262-7267 to start a conversation or download our free franchise report.


  • Bill Brown
    05/26/2013, 3:16 am  

    We were glad to see that Marcos followed us again as we moved from Toledo to Ft Wayne Indiana in 1989 and to Cookeville Tn in 2010. So we have been eating Marcos for 30 years, since 1983. You have always been the only chain that beat al of the other franchises; yes, even Pizza Hut.
    The quality and people in your Cookeville store are great, however, I have one complaint that I’ve expressed twice to the people in Cookeville. They don’t deliver in my subdivision even though the entrance to my subdivision is only 4.8 miles from your store (my home at the back of the sub is only 5.1 miles) and the workers agree that they could easily make a delivery within your 12-minute requirement.
    I’m sure you can remedy this.
    Great job putting your “ingredient story” on your boxes. You’re right, the newer generations are looking for better taste and more healthful alternatives; along with some of us old folks. Count on me to be an on-going advocate especially since I’m a Toledo native who has retired to beautiful Tennessee.
    Hope you hit 500 stores by 2014, Bill Brown

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