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What Is Marco’s?

One of the fastest-growing pizza franchises in the U.S.

In the $46 billion per year U.S. pizza industry, Marco’s stands out.

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Fed up with the lack of good-quality delivery pizza, Italian-born Marco’s founder, Pat Giammarco, sought to create an authentic Italian pizza — an artisan pie created with the fresh dough and the highest quality ingredients delivered to your home in about half an hour. Delivery pizza is a highly competitive industry, and he believed if people could get a better-tasting pizza for the same price they usually pay, they would keep coming back. Thirty-eight years and several hundred franchises later, Marco’s has become one of the top delivery pizza franchises and is giving the bigger delivery pizza brands a serious run for their money.

What makes Marco’s unique is the dedication to producing the best delivery pizza money can buy. Customers may order a delivery or takeout pizza because it is inexpensive and convenient, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want great taste. At Marco’s, we believe a delivery pizza can be as good as an artisan pizza from a gourmet pizza shop and still be convenient and affordable.

For instance, dough is made fresh daily in every store using our specially formulated flour. Our sauce is made from tomatoes developed and grown especially for Marco’s. The 100% real cheese that blankets every pizza is always fresh, never frozen. And you’ll find our team members prepping fresh vegetables and using only premium meats (no fillers) for toppings.

Marco’s is an affordable luxury. The difference? While other national chains deeply discount and compete over price point, Marco’s competes on quality and authenticity.

The other pizza chains do business similarly to McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, appealing to a more price-sensitive customer. Marco’s more closely resembles Five Guys Burgers and Fries – still offering a fast and inexpensive meal but one that is much higher quality. We may charge a little bit more, but like a Five Guys burger, our pizza is worth it.

If you’re passionate about quality and want to join a well established and rapidly growing brand, Marco’s may be right for you.

Our philosophy

Consistency, authenticity and quality. These aren’t just buzzwords in the company’s mission statement but the lifeblood of the brand that pumps through the veins of each franchisee in the system. They are the not-so-secret keys to our success.

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Founder Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco was born in Italy and came to America with his family as a young boy. His father ran restaurants, and it’s something Pat gravitated toward as a young man in Toledo, Ohio. He wanted to make the kind of fresh, artisan pizza he remembered from his childhood, and to serve a pizza he could be proud of, a pizza with integrity. That meant honoring his Italian heritage by creating every pizza with the freshest quality ingredients available. In 1978, Marco’s authentic Italian pizzas quickly became a hit, and he grew a chain of pizza stores serving communities in nearby Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

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In the mid-2000s, it was CEO Jack Butorac who saw the opportunity to take Marco’s to the next level as a high-quality pizza franchise. He felt pizza lovers deserved something better tasting than cardboard and he knew a Marco’s pizza was what the market was missing. He became a consultant for Marco’s in 2003, and he purchased the franchise rights to Marco’s in 2004.

With three decades overseeing the national expansion of restaurant chains with Chi-Chi’s, Fuddruckers, and Tumbleweed, Jack had the vision and the know-how to take Marco’s from a regional favorite to one of the fastest-growing pizza chain in the country.

Marco’s wouldn’t dream of selling a second-class product. Some Marco’s franchisees started as managers or executives with other national pizza brands. But when it came time to invest their own money in a product they believed in, they chose Marco’s. It was an integrity issue. If you were to attend one of our many franchisee conferences, you would hear their passionate commitment to product quality and the total customer experience.


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