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MET1496Jack Butorac

John Butorac, Jr., has been our Chief Executive Officer since April, 2014, and previously served as our President from January 2004 to April, 2014. He is also our sole “manager”, as that term is used in the Ohio limited liability company statutes. Mr. Butorac served as a consultant to MI from May 2002 until January 2004. Mr. Butorac also serves as President/CEO of Cleveland Marco’s, LLC and all of our affiliates.

MET1498Bryon Stephens
President & Chief Operating Officer

Bryon Stephens has been our President and Chief Operating Officer since April, 2014. Mr. Stephens was our Chief Operating Officer from April 2013 to April, 2014. He was Vice President of New Business Development of MFS from January 2006 to April 2013.


IMG_0490Tony Libardi
Executive Vice President of Operations

Tony Libardi has been our Executive Vice President of Operations since June, 2014. Mr. Libardi provided consulting services to individuals seeking to invest in business opportunities from January, 2014 to June, 2014. Mr. Libardi was the Vice President of Company Operations for Burger King Corporation from February, 2003 to January, 2014.

Marco's444Cameron Cummins
Vice President of Franchise Development

Cameron Cummins has been our Vice President of Franchise Development since April, 2014. Mr. Cummins was our Vice President of Franchise Marketing and Recruitment for MFS from January 2006 to April, 2014.

IMG_0449Ken Switzer
Vice President and CFO

Ken Switzer has been our Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since January 2004. Mr. Switzer has been a majority shareholder of CRH, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana since September 2001. With more than 30 years of experience in finance and management, Ken has been with Marco’s for more than 20 years and has led development efforts for administrative systems that have helped grow the company to hundreds of stores.

Cathy HullMET1517
Chief Marketing Officer

Catherine Hull has been our Vice President of Marketing since December 2013. Ms. Hull was the Chief Marketing Officer for Fazoli’s, LLC in Lexington, KY from August, 2009 through November 2013 and was responsible for all aspects of the marketing and culinary functions. From May, 2001 through July, 2009 Ms. Hull was the Vice President, Strategy and Brand Marketing for Papa John’s International, Louisville, KY and was responsible for developing brand positioning, monitoring brand image and driving the overall marketing strategy and planning for domestic operations.



Don Vlcek
Vice President of Purchasing

Don Vlcek joined us in April 2007 as our Vice President of Purchasing. Since September 1997, Mr. Vlcek has owned Don Vlcek & Associates, Ltd. in Ann Arbor, Michigan which is a convention keynote speaking and consulting company. As of January 1 2010, Don assumed his new role as President of Marco’s Pizza Distribution, LLC.


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