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How Big Is the Pizza Industry?

Pizza as a fast-food alternative

Although pizza has its roots in Italy, it’s so beloved by Americans that it has become as iconic as burgers and fries. Who eats pizza? According to a Gallup poll, almost everyone.

Because of its inexpensive price, pizza has become a mainstay for time- and money-crunched customers eating on the fly.

Pizza is a $46 billion a year industry, and PMQ Pizza Magazine estimates it will continue to grow, particularly worldwide. Its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Citing Technomic’s Pizza Consumer Trend Report, reported 68% of consumers order carryout pizza at least once a month, and 45% order pizza for dine-in service monthly or more often. The potential for earnings is huge.

The prevalence of home delivery changed the pizza industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, there’s room for a new trend in the industry: the authentic Italian artisan pizza. And Marco’s is on the leading edge of that trend.

How Marco’s competes

Pizza is a family favorite, and consumers show no signs of tiring of it. What they can tire of is pizza that’s mass-produced in pieces and shipped out frozen to individual stores for assembly and sale. At Marco’s, every pizza is made by hand from fresh ingredients. And while artisan foods made by independent operators are often threatened by fluctuating food prices, Marco’s is able to offer real value to its customers through the power of purchasing in large quantities. For $20-$30, you can feed a family of four at Marco’s.

With pizza’s popularity still on the rise, many national pizza chains have crowded the market. At Marco’s, however, there’s opportunity to get in on the ground floor. We have hundreds of stores open today and more than 1,000 stores in development.

Even during tough economic times, when people tend to buy fewer luxury items, pizza remains a strong value. Pizza is a convenient, affordable luxury.

Because of Marco’s dedication to high-quality ingredients, we continue to distance ourselves from our competitors. Why does this matter? Regardless of the product or industry, high quality is always a long-term, sustainable niche. Quality never goes out of favor with customers. Marco’s customers can immediately taste the difference, and once they do, they’re hooked.


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